The ALL NEW GRAVATRON product launch.

After several months of hard work, we are releasing the new Gravatron Beta Version today. Besides major improvements in the User Experience, this version provides many new features.






It is in our nature to push the limits. We explore new territories and aim to defy gravity in the process. Gravatron is the new app that captures and evaluates all the dimensions of action sports.

Gravatron goes beyond fitness stats and focuses adventure. Besides GPS and speed tracking it calculates the take off speed and airtime of jumps with instant audio feedback. A companion web dashboard provides data on every run with comparisons to other Gravatron users. “Gravatron is a tool which finally helps me to analyze and share my favourite rides with friends“ Hermann Eder says from the Lahnvalley Crew.

Gravatron is designed to be easy to use on every mountain run or trail. Launch the app and tap the record button to start your run or ride. Once complete the data is uploaded to The web app provides access information on all your activities in greater detail. Browse through your overall statistics, analyze each individual run or ride or compare your activities with your friends.

The app is available for free with the option to buy a Season Pass for more features.

We want to get Gravatron into the hands of every mountain biker, snowboarder and skier and so that they can visualize and compare their activity to improve their skills.

We hope your guys enjoy the ALL NEW GRAVATRON.

Always trying to improve your riding experience.
Go out, ride and have fun!
Team Gravatron

Gravatron for free – Crankworx Special

Get Gravatron for free during Whistler Crankworx. The offer lasts until the 17th of August.
Head over to the APP STORE and get Gravatron for free.

Ride Safe!

Gravatron Release Version 1.1

We are happy to announce a new Gravatron release today. The second version of Gravatron is now available in the app store!

New Features:
Descent: Gravatron now shows you your current descent
Redesign: We completely redesigned the app
Highscores: top speed, steepest descent, longest airtime.

During the last months we took our bikes and traveled to some of the greatest spots in California to test Gravatron on different terrains. It is great to see the diversity of riding you can get there. From super smooth trails with long berms and many jumps to steep, rocky and really technical trails. We shot a little video which we will release within the next month. (For more photos, follow gravatron on instagram)

Richie Schley, co-founders of Gravatron, broke his phone today, demonstrating Gravatron at the BIKE Festival Riva del Garda. Gravatron measures the airtime by using the phone’s accelerometer. To make your airtime count, you and the phone actually needs to be in the air.

Looks like we are off to a good start! 🙂

If you are at the BIKE Festival in Riva, make sure to find Richie, take a Photo with him and post it on instagram with the hashtag #whereisrichie. You can win one of Richie’s signature Helmets, the IXS Trail RS. Make sure to ask him about Gravatron as well. Maybe he already fixed his phone.

Ride safe and have a lot of fun!

Gravatron 1.0 now available in the App Store

Hey there!

Gravatron 1.0 is available for iOS in the App Store since this morning. You can download it here.

This is the first version that is available to the public. For now, everything goes well and the servers didn’t crash. You can imagine, it’s an exciting day for us! Now the real work begins. We will keep improving, fixing bugs and adding new features over the next weeks and month. Stay tuned!

For now, get out and ride! Get some airtime, record your jumps and GPS data and enjoy the winter season. It’s snowing on Mt. Cypress here in Vancouver today 🙂

Enjoy the holidays!

Facebook Sharing

If you share a ride on facebook, your friends will see a small map with the path you rode and some basic statistics.

If you want to test this feature before we fully release it, send us an email at or register here.

Have a nice day!

Gravatron BETA

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Gravatron BETA test.

Hello everyone!

Today we want to announce our first, real public beta version of gravatron for iOS and Android.
You can download and install it here. If the app interests you at all to a point, where you actually get annoyed by something, please let us know. We are a really agile team and probably can implement your wishes right away.

Thanks and have fun!