The ALL NEW GRAVATRON product launch.

After several months of hard work, we are releasing the new Gravatron Beta Version today. Besides major improvements in the User Experience, this version provides many new features.






It is in our nature to push the limits. We explore new territories and aim to defy gravity in the process. Gravatron is the new app that captures and evaluates all the dimensions of action sports.

Gravatron goes beyond fitness stats and focuses adventure. Besides GPS and speed tracking it calculates the take off speed and airtime of jumps with instant audio feedback. A companion web dashboard provides data on every run with comparisons to other Gravatron users. “Gravatron is a tool which finally helps me to analyze and share my favourite rides with friends“ Hermann Eder says from the Lahnvalley Crew.

Gravatron is designed to be easy to use on every mountain run or trail. Launch the app and tap the record button to start your run or ride. Once complete the data is uploaded to The web app provides access information on all your activities in greater detail. Browse through your overall statistics, analyze each individual run or ride or compare your activities with your friends.

The app is available for free with the option to buy a Season Pass for more features.

We want to get Gravatron into the hands of every mountain biker, snowboarder and skier and so that they can visualize and compare their activity to improve their skills.

We hope your guys enjoy the ALL NEW GRAVATRON.

Always trying to improve your riding experience.
Go out, ride and have fun!
Team Gravatron